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National Geographic Traveler about Funaticos

Our trousers are in new National Geographic Traveler! [...]

We are growing!

Funaticos team is constantly growing! Our girls rank high at competitions Poland-wide; Guys are active among the rocks and bring back increasingly higher digits.


This spring’s hit – yellow!

The color yellow is associated with sun and holidays; it’s hyper-positive. We already put our money on that color last year!

sya [...]

Our (ob)session!

During the photo shoot for the FUNATICOS.COM website, we snapped a few pictures, which weren’t meant to see the light of day. We decided to show you a few of the funny ones.


Interesting trousers for interesting people

We managed to travel to some cool places. We had the opportunity to do some cool things. But this isn’t about us… FUNATICOS is designed for people who lead colorful lives and want to express that in a number of ways - also through the clothes they wear.