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In late 2013, during one of our climbing trips we came up with Funaticos. That’s when we met people with the know-how and experience in making clothes and introducing them to the market. It took us a while to find suitable lines, textiles, and sewing rooms, which allowed us to bring our (weird) visions to life.

The result of our work? Custom color combinations in trousers and hoodies manufactured using the best materials available, and a unique, original design. We care about the details, so you should notice them as well – buttons made out of coins (the first one came from Indonesia, and subsequent ones – from Vietnam, Israel, Brasil…) or wood (piggy shape) and colorful strings with our logo.

You will also find t-shirts designed by a girl who is crazy about climbing, skiing, and longboarding.

Yes, we want to have a colorful life. Our clothes allow us to express that!


Maybe you wondered about the price of our clothes (especially trousers). We don’t sew in China or Taiwan; we don’t import our textiles from Bangladesh, either. We sew in Krakow, and our textiles come from neighboring EU countries (unfortunately, Łódź has not been the textile capital for many years now), while the knitted fabrics used to manufacture our hoodies come from Poland.